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Contract signed

BIG Commitment for Hyde United FC

We are really pleased to be able to announce that Big Khamsuk has signed a contract at Hyde United FC.

The contract is a reward for the improvements made by Big over the past 12 months and gives him security as he continues to look to improve and ultimately to achieve a career in professional football. Bigs recent call up to the Thai U23s squad shows how far he has progressed this year.

Manager Darren Kelly was delighted to get the contract agreed and commented “Big has a special talent which he has started to develop, and we are keen that he continues to be protected in an environment where he can flourish. His performances this season have been excellent, scoring key goals to change and win games, as well as providing assists for teammates. We are determined to help him to achieve his aims, and this contract is a positive step in doing that. It allows him to stay focussed and to avoid the distraction of clubs putting in 7 day requests on a regular basis. With a contract signed and lodged with the FA clubs will now have to make serious offers before he talks to them which is better for him and better for the atmosphere in our dressing room. We will never stand in Big’s way when the right club comes in for him, we just want him to concentrate on working towards this without any distractions. This is a key year in his development and we are determined to help him be the best he can be.”

Source:Hyde United Football Club